Math Bingo 1.7

Math Bingo 1.7



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The original Math BINGO! Nearly 1 Million Players!

- Featured in The New York Times
- Oct 2011 -Featured in Disney's FamilyFun Magazine
- August 2011
- Ranked number 1 educational app for 3 weeks straight!
- Featured in Best iPad Apps book by Peter Meyers - O'REILLY
- Ranked a top 50 education app for over 3 years!

The object of Math BINGO is to get a pattern of five BINGO Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems.

--- Math BINGO at a glance---

-5 BINGO games: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed
-3 Different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard
-New: 3 Fun bonus games
-30 player profiles
-12 fun cartoon avatars
-Player profiles
-New: Report card feature
-The Scoreboard keeps track of scores for each game and level
-Collect and play with BINGO Bugs when you earn a high score!

--- Instructions How to Play and Win Math Bingo---

The object of Math Bingo is to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. Math problems are presented at the top of the game screen. Feedback is presented at the bottom of the game screen. Correct solutions to problems answered incorrectly will be displayed.

The score in Math Bingo is determined by the time to complete a game plus a two second penalty for each problem answered incorrectly.

Time to complete game 0:45 seconds
Incorrect answers: 3
Score: 45+6=51

Player Profiles
Math Bingo saves player information with custom player profiles. Each player profile consists of a unique name (up to 20 characters) and a fun cartoon avatar. The player profiles display total number of games played, total number of high scores achieved, and total number of Bingo Bugs collected. The guest profile does not store any information and therefore cannot achieve high scores or collect Bingo Bugs. The guest profile is useful for adults who want to play Math Bingo without their scores going into the scoreboard.

Selecting a Game
There are five different games in Math Bingo: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Mixed. Players will be prompted to select a game type before game play. Selecting a Level There are three levels of game play in Math Bingo: easy, medium, and hard. Players will be prompted to select a game level before game play. Score Board Math Bingo displays high scores in the Score Board. There are four different Score Boards: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each Score Board displays the top three scores for each level: easy, medium, and hard.

Bingo Bugs
Bingo Bugs are rewards for achieving a high score. A player who earns a high score will collect a Bingo Bug! Players can collect a variety of Bingo Bugs and interact with them by tapping the Bingo Bug button in the player profile or by tapping the My Bingo Bugs button after playing a game. HINT: Tilt your device to make the Bingo Bugs move around, tap on a Bingo Bug to make them giggle and spring!

The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the information button on the lower right hand side the introduction screen. The settings menu will allow you to reset all high scores and to delete player profiles.

- Does not contain third-party ads.
- Does not contain in-app purchases.
- Does not contain integration with social networks.
- Does not use analytics/data collection tools.
- Does include links to apps by in the iTunes App Store.

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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